Apartment Interiors Bangalore

Beautiful Ideas for Apartment Interiors in Bangalore: Design your home your way!

Each and every part of your new Bangalore house or apartment is a paradise waiting to be explored. It is like an unpainted canvas, waiting for you to express your feelings and thoughts, even your personality to imprint itself upon it. The expression making your house, your home, is a pretty telling one, is it not?

Well, now interior designing is not an option available only to the owners of bungalows and fantasy tickling sea-facing cabins. You have the option of designing your apartment interiors in Bangalore as well- and the sheer number of options available is going to amaze you!

Designing your apartment interior in Bangalore, basically means imprinting your personality and that of your family members on it, making it one with your spirit and energy, making it a place which you will always consider your own. There are a lot of cool ideas that can help you bring this about- and this is definitely not just fantasy, mind you. People are designing their apartment interiors in Bangalore, right here right now- so why not you?

Here are some very interesting and trending ideas that you can use as a template to base your own uniquely designed home interior on.

  1. Haven of a Balcony
    One of the quirkiest and most amazing ideas when it comes to designing your apartment interiors in Bangalore is the Balcony cum Haven idea. Tiling one of your balconies with misshapen rough rock like tiles, maybe installing a glass window where the parapet wall is, leaving spaces and little nooks and crannies for creepers and small flowering plants while you have small and comfortable lounging furniture in the middle with a space to just stretch out and gaze at the sky. Does it not sound wonderfully dreamy? Well, you can definitely have this dream come true in your own home just by some smart interior design!
  2. White Kitchen
    Make your kitchen look that eclectic mix of quirky and sophisticated all at once! Want to know how to do it? Well, read on! White kitchens are one of the most interesting and now highly trending designs in Bangalore. The kitchen is basically an open plan structure with all the surfaces- counters, breakfast nooks, walls, cabinets etc- painted stark white. Add in a little bit of polished wood here and there, with a splash of the gleaming steel of appliances and stoves, and there you have it! White kitchens also come in closed space interior designs, with a huge space dedicated to the kitchen- even these look really sophisticated and the best thing is , they don’t take away any of the comfort that a kitchen should give you- in fact, the quirkiness just adds to it!
  3. Add in Quirky Bookshelves
    Love books but don’t have the space for a library, what with the bedroom and the kid’s rooms and the guest one? Well, worry no more! You can just design your apartment interiors in Bangalore around a library theme. We do not mean that your house should have a dusty, shelf aisle filled interior though, mind you! Just add in different styled bookshelves all across your home, and enjoy the books whenever you want- without the need of going into the library at all! Diagonal bookshelves, bookshelves shaped like stools, even some on the back of mystery doors! Go for it, live your book based design fantasy right in own Bangalore Apartment!

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