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How To DO Simple DIY Home Interior Design By Recycling To Help Bangalore Become A Better City

What if good home decor could be coupled with saving the city’s environment? With every passing day, Bangalore is becoming more polluted and difficult to live in. Granted, home decor will only reduce the waste created by a little bit but it is still a step towards a better city. Here is how you can use simple DIY home interior design by recycling to help Bangalore become a better city:

  1. Use The Paper:
    Between newspapers, tissue papers and other material, a lot of our waste is paper. Although it is degradable, paper does come from trees and the more we use, the more trees that are cut down. Home interior design in Bangalore can begin by upcycling and using used paper to make various items to compliment the interior decor. Paper mache pots and show items are a place to start. Other than that, the internet is full of ideas about how to use paper to make beautiful art pieces too. Maybe a gallery wall with old newspaper collages?
  2. Don’t Let The Plastic Go:
    Everyone knows the evils of plastic disposal. It is toxic and is the leading cause of landfills. Home interior design in Bangalore can help reduce plastic waste considerably by finding out new ways to use up the plastic in our homes. Old bottles can be recycled to be made into several things; they can be made into pots for plants, containers for everything from spoons to pens etc. The limits really lie where your imagination takes you.
  3. Keep the Glass Too:
    Glass is resilient and very useful. Unfortunately, a lot of it gets dumped anyway. Used glass bottles can be used for home interior design to make Bangalore homes prettier; everything from decorated keepsakes to handy flowerpots, glass jars really are very versatile. While Glass is highly reusable, durable and washable, it is also however very fragile and care must be taken to make sure that one doesn’t hurt oneself while working with glass.
  4. Glossy Magazines For Neat Items:
    Glossy pages make for good raw material to make several pieces of art. After all, home interior design ideas in Bangalore can begin to take from DIY projects to make the best use of these pages. They look extraordinary and make for good conversation pieces. Using the right ideas can turn the pages into art pieces, baskets, table mats and what not.

A responsible city is after all, one that knows how to lead good lives and find sustainable solutions to its problems and recycling, reusing, upcycling are just the beginnings of a smart and prosperous city. Bangalore is already one of the leading cities of the countries. A little help from its citizens can make it into the city to go to for a beautiful life!

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