Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

Be your Own Home Interior Designer in Bangalore: Let your imagination fly!

Has your house in Bangalore started to look a little dull and dingy? Maybe you have started feeling as if your house needs a little sprucing up. Do you want to add a little cheer to your living space without wasting too much time or money? Well, we have just the right ideas for you.

Home is, definitely, where the heart should be. Well, if you have started feeling that your home needs a little more “heart”, you should try out one of the best home interior designers in Bangalore, and see the difference. In no time, you will feel that it has become that cheerful place again, instead of just a space enclosed in between four walls, you come back to day in and day out.

  1. Get some wall hangings
    Think your walls are too plain, but do not think you can afford the re-painting hassle? Well, there is an easy way to spruce them up. Just get some wall hangings and add them to the interiors, and see the difference. You can add in simple chandelier like hangings for the living and dining room, handlooms or paintings, a little Bangalore touch, in bedrooms and home offices even just framed photographs of you and your family! The filling up of long and empty stretches of wall can go a long way in diminishing the dullness that you think is emanating from your house. This is one of the easiest hacks any home interior designers in Bangalorewill tell you!
  2. Change up the color scheme
    Another tried and tested recipe from the home interior designers in Bangalore is to change the furniture covers to contrast the wall or wallpaper schemes so as to quirk them up a little. Add in beanbag chairs and ottomans and footstools around the living rooms and bedrooms that sometimes complement and sometimes contrast. This way you can keep rearranging and getting a cheery feel every time you do!
  3. Add house plants
    House plants have the charm of easily sprucing up any home interiors they are set in. So add in some houseplants to your upstairs bedroom balcony, or even the windows of the living room. Maybe a honeysuckle plant in a designer bowl hanging from the ceiling or a fragrant mogra plant in a shallow pot just at the corner of the showcase, or maybe a money plant right outside the veranda. Not only do they give off fresh fragrances, but they are also good to have around for oxygen purposes- so, what are you waiting for then?
  4. Change up the knick knacks around your home
    The smallest of things can help you bring back the charm to your house say many home interior designers in Bangalore. The shoe rack just inside the door, maybe remove some of the bulk and get a sleek one that looks charming and is just as helpful as the last one. The photo frames- maybe use contrasting colors like black or navy blue on a light wall? Go for a more sophisticated look, and maybe get a coat rack and add some silk scarves just for the charm of it. You can also change up or ad new and quirky vases with or without flowers around the house. The point here is to add some eye catching color that will break up the monotonous feel and make the space feel cheerful and attractive. There is no need to renovate your house repeatedly, or call up that stuck up cousin from Bangalore about home interior designs, just be a DIY home interior designer in Bangalore itself and make your home a magical place!

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