interior design for Apartments in bangalore

Tasteful Interior Design for Apartments in Bangalore: What to keep in mind
The set parameters of houses- be it independent homes or apartment complexes- in Bangalore, has made it a little difficult to design your own home, according to your wishes. However, interior designing still remains in the hands of the homeowners. Although most apartment complexes have a set blueprint according to which each and every apartment is built, it is easy work around or in some cases through that blueprint when designing the interior of your Bangalore apartment.

If you are the proud owner of a brand new 3BHK apartment, and are excited to look up interior designs for apartments in Bangalore, here are some very trendy ideas that not only will make your home beautiful but tasteful as well!

  1. Open plan Kitchen
    An open plan kitchen is not only reserved to the interiors of houses we see in common TV serials and soap operas. It is actually a very cool idea if you want your Bangalore apartment to have that breezy and large space look. Knock down those walls between the kitchen and the living room and add in a breakfast bar-cum-counter instead. This is not only an idea that would give your house a beautiful charm, but it is also practical when you consider that it increases the working space of the original kitchen counter, giving you the opportunity to move around freely in the kitchen!
  2. Sunk-in Living room
    Another one of the trending ideas for interior design for apartments in Bangalore is the sunk-in living room, where you actually climb down into a large oval or circular space that you’ve assigned as the living room. Strategically placed stairs and pillars can spruce it up while giving your apartment a bungalow-like feel. Some places also have balconies attached to these living rooms, where you can easily sit or lounge in the sun and enjoy the weather without leaving the comfort of your Bangalore apartment.
  3. French Windows
    Instead of having the same old boring square or rectangular shaped windows, go for the French type floor-to-ceiling windows that not only give the feeling of large open spaces to your Bangalore apartment but also keep it breezy. This new trend is picking up fast when it comes to interior design for apartments in Bangalore. These are a real boon when it comes to ventilation and you can easily get the feeling of having a balcony in your relatively small apartment rather than actually designing one in the limited space and feeling cramped in your own house.
  4. False Ceiling
    Another trending idea for interior design for apartments in Bangalore is the false ceilings. They not only lend a pretty charm to the house, but also give you the chance to really design your own interior light fixtures for your apartment. The available designs are many, and there are even more if you want to go for a customized light fixture. There is a lot more choice when it comes to the type of lights you want to add- light or pale blue, yellow and oranges, even whites. The options are many and you can even get combinations!

These are just some of the ideas that would make interior design for your apartment in Bangalore more fun. Go in and make your home lovable as well as livable!

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