Studio Interior Design Ideas

Studio Interior Design Ideas To Help You Make The Most Of Your Space
A studio apartment offers a unique challenge; to make a living space out of a single room. With the correct studio interior design ideas, it would be easy. Interior design for studio apartments can either be done right or horribly wrong. Go off the cliff with this one and you could end up feeling like you are living in someone’s garage. But do it right, and you could have a marvelous wonder! Here are a few studio interior design ideas to help you create your little corner of the world:

  • Pick A Theme:
    Think of what you want to come home to; a low lit lair or a vibrant nest of colorful energy. A theme has to be picked as a starting point to ensure that all the elements of your decor don’t clash. It doesn’t have to be a color theme; it can be a concept. Rustic, tropical, sea side. Anything you want! This is the most important of all studio interior design ideas.
  • Organize Your Space:
    Just because it is one room doesn’t mean you cannot segregate your spaces. Rugs can be used to demarcate areas and curtains can be hung to create seperate nooks. Everything from the spice rack to the shoe rack needs to be assigned a place. Not only does this look neat, it also makes everyday living more efficient. A studio apartment is the easiest to get messy. A good organization system helps prevent that. Remember, no matter how many studio interior design ideas are followed, if the nest isn’t kept clean, it will not look good.
  • A Game Of Lights And Mirrors:
    A full length mirror can be used to create the illusion of space. Also, using see-through furniture like glass tables reduces visible bulk. Concealed lighting may be used to create a calm atmosphere. Windows that are kept clean and unobstructed let in plenty of sunlight and make any studio interior design look good. When done right, correctly placed paintings, colored curtains, lights and mirrors can turn your apartment into one heck of a place!
  • Go Modular:
    With space constraints, the most important consideration is for storage space. Explore modular options for storage cupboards, racks, overhead shelves etc. A wall unit or a bed that folds into a closet are just a few of the many ideas out there. Check out smart ways of saving space and integrate those into your studio interior design.
  • DIY Project Galore:
    Sometimes, the only way to get something that fits your needs perfectly is to make it yourself. Especially if a theme of a studio interior design idea and utility are to be kept in mind, DIY projects may be handier than any commercially available items. The internet can be scoured to find and do projects that fit your requirement. There is no dearth of tutorials for show pieces, painting ideas etc. to spruce up things for you!

All these are just a few of the many studio interior design ideas out there but there is one very crucial thing to keep in mind. The apartment is YOUR home. Make sure you pick things the way you want them to be; not because they are fashionable or the ‘in’ thing. There are a million interior design ideas for studio apartments out there. Attempting every one of them is not only impossible but can prove disastrous. Your apartment should be a reflection of who you are. So grab your curtain fabrics and paint samples and color yourself your own little paradise!

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