Corporate Interior Designers In Bangalore

Offices are where the average Indian spends a huge chunk of his day, and as jobs have diverged from the regular 9-5 to more demanding roles, Office interiors has become a widely studied subject. What kind of offices facilitate healthy, creative thinking? What kind of floor plans work best for different industries? What colors suit what kind of commercial spaces? It is obvious from these questions that interior design for corporates discusses more than just the placement of desks and chairs. The list of requirements is long- ranging from high rise buildings to plush shopping districts. In fact, unique office interiors around the world have been studied and linked with the overall performance of the team! Here are some tips for smart corporate interior design that would help your employees interact and unwind in the space they spend a majority of their hours in-

Efficient use of space-

If industrial design experts are to be believed, modern offices waste a lot of space. This could be blamed on novice designers, or the absence of any design strategy! While most start-ups just rent a space and start functions, investing in some precise floor planning is a good idea when you want to get more from less! Workplace interior design’s principles rest on functionality and effective space utilization, rest is all secondary.

Retail space design-

Your interiors give your visitors their first impression of your business. Do you want to be that company with the chaotic office that clearly hinders smooth movement? Or the café with a cramped dining area and useless space designated for fixtures? Each brand has its own personality, and interior decoration becomes an instrument to give that brand a palpable image. For eg. When you think of the famous Indian chain Social, its youthful graffiti and unique presentation come to mind. Whereas when you think of the store H&M, images of neat, white interiors with minimal fixtures come to mind.


With Atom Interiors, corporate space design is accessible to all. Our designers and architects map out affordable interior design ideas for small spaces- ensuring the best way to create filing/storage spaces, relaxed climate controlled zones and environments with high security. Chart out creative interiors that fit your organization’s budget, and put your worries to rest.

Remodeling/ Renovation-

Just shifted your work place to a disappointing space? An interior remodeling will cover all required renovation, customized to the very detail by our pioneering architects and interior decorators. We study your requirements, source the finest quality material and a team of interior specialists modify any run down space to a swanky, modern office! A lot of research goes into defining office interiors today, so the result is usually impressive and super efficient as a functional space!

Office Automation-

Smart offices save the company a lot of costs such as electricity and security. A smart office has controlled climate, automated lights and fans that can be operated through a cellular device, security cameras, and even controlled systems that all employees work on. An automated office streamlines control of resources, guarantees safety and saves on unnecessary costs. This could be a great way to improve the efficiency of your office, without employing expensive resources.