Living Room Interior Design Ideas for Apartment

3 Top Mistakes you’re Making While Thinking about Living Room Interior Design Ideas for Your Apartment

So you have finally bought an apartment and are proudly going forward into interior designing the whole thing. You are probably thinking about setting beautiful themes for your bedrooms, the library, perhaps the balconies… and the living room? You have probably gone through a lot of research and painstakingly come to a decision about who to hire as your interior designer, or maybe gone through a whole library’s worth of designing catalogues to come to a conclusion about what your dream house should look like. But there are some common mistakes everyone makes, and you are probably making them too. So, we have come up with a list of three of the most common boo-boo’s that should be avoided when it is the living room interior design idea for apartments you are pondering about, and here it is!

  1. Declutter!
    It has become the new in for almost all interior design catalogues to show clutter as a sign of sophisticated “lived-in” look for houses. Be it apartments, homes, bedrooms and in some cases even the bathrooms. If you are thinking of sophisticated cluttering or maybe a variation of the Dewy Decimal system as a living room interior design idea for your apartment, then get rid of it immediately. This is one of the most common mistakes that pop-culture and markets alike are trying to sell, and although it has been given a sophistication label, it will look like anything but.
  2. Don’t revolve the Living Room around your TV
    Another one of the “fads” when it comes to living room interior design ideas for apartments is the building of the whole team around the TV as the focus. It is portrayed as the biggest or the most important part of the living room, which is, frankly, crass. Don’t you think that a living room should be built around a theme of togetherness, and family? Maybe a big and comfortable couch in the very middle, with a rug in front of it, or a big glass French window looking out into a well-lit terrace garden, adding some charm to the living room while the TV is mounted on a wall, making it an accessory instead of the focal point would be much more sophisticated and homy as well?
  3. Follow your heart, not the latest trend
    When thinking about living room interior design ideas for your apartment, the biggest mistake you can make is going for the latest interior design trend in the market right now, instead designing it as you see it in your mind’s eye. After all, trends will come and go, but you will always have that design in your living room, and you will have to live with it. So why not make it look like what you are comfortable with, instead of what some glossy magazines suggest it should look like? So come up with your own living room interior design ideas for your apartment, instead of just following the market trend!

There will, of course, be other mistakes and lists but when it comes to living room interior design ideas for apartments, if you keep an eye on avoiding these three you are good to rock your living room interiors!

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