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How Top Interior Designers In Bangalore Would Redesign Your Bedroom

It is common for people to confess to the feeling that something needs to be done about the design of their rooms. Often, most people can’t put their finger on what it is that the room lacks because interior design is much more than just painting walls and hanging drapes. It is the art of juxta positioning all the elements in an interior space to make the most of the space as well as to make the room ergonomical for whatever purpose it is used for. So when thoughts of needing redesign are confessed, even the top interior designers in Bangalore will take a few things into consideration before starting any work on your room.

  • The Positioning: A lot of times, the major problem of a room may be something as simple as incorrect positioning. Furniture blocking light sources or objects bunched up in one area and leaving the rest too empty etc. Most top interior designers in Bangalore would be able to sort such rooms out by simply repositioning. When the arrangement of a room’s furniture is changed, it can cause a huge difference. In the way it looks.
  • The Colours: A room that has all the wrong colours can look duller or smaller than it actually is. The most common mistake made is to use simple shades without using any contrast in a single room. When an attempt is made to match everything to everything with no contrasting elements, the room gains a flat, dull look. A common trick that most top interior designers in Bangalore use is to add contrasts. Pillows contrasting to the sheets or rugs and curtains contrasting to the walls bring depth to the room.
  • The Linen, Rugs and Curtains: According to top interior designers in Bangalore, sometimes all a room needs is a change of the fabrics. In a bedroom, the bed obviously is one of the larger spaces where they eye lands and often just changing the sheets does the trick. Bed linen must bought with the colour scheme of the room in mind; a complementing or contrasting colour and pattern helps. Even the rugs in the room and curtains must be picked with that in mind. Rugs break the monotony of the floor as curtains add a break in the walls.
  • The Accessories: Several confessions have been made about perfectly designed rooms feeling like they lack something too. The colours are correct and all the big ticket items are fine yet something feels like it is missing. Accessories. Something as little as adding a mirror in a corner or a little embellishment on the ends of the curtain rods. Gaps in the design philosophy of a room can be filled by these little things, bringing a new element to the room.
  • The Paint: While most times the above mentioned tricks can sort out a room, there are times when top interior designers in Bangalore would recommend that you repaint your room. Sometimes, some rooms are pulled down by a bad or deteriorated paint job so no matter how much work is done on the other elements, only a new paint will salvage the situation. A textured wall, maybe a different shade etc. is what is required to breathe life into the room. While it is the most expensive and labor heavy option, it is usually kept as a last resort unless you actively ask for it.

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