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With the world bustling with close to 7.5 billion people, different personalities are infinite, making inspiration easy to find. But since people are so diverse, their emotional connections to design and colors vary. That means while one person digs a sleek Scandinavian home, another one might find it depressingly bleak. The beauty of Interiors Design is thus, also in the eyes of the beholder. Our designers dish out some decor styles that suit different personalities differently; so tell us which one is yours. 

Neo Pop Homes

Neo pop homes are kind of what you’d expect a college student’s home to look like, if this student loved art and prints and lived with every functional gadget one could need. Neo Pop homes based extensively on the Neo Classic design theme, are a mashup of various old styles of decor, such as Maximalist homes meeting scandinavian clarity with a tinge of technology. Neo Pop homes are characterised by finding inspiration in pop music, pop culture and mixing eclectic colors and prints in a home that is automated and consciously designed to help the homeowner lead a more sustainable life. 

Souvenir Homes

Souvenir homes are interiors decorated with eclectic pieces from around the world. These pieces can include eye-catching furniture, clever lights or eccentric showpieces of deities from a foreign land – maybe wood carvings from Africa or Bamboo stools from Bali – the world is your home décor merchandiser! Look for cultural cues in your interiors and compare them with how people from other countries decorate their homes. You’ll find plenty of inspiration from different cultures, hence decorating your own souvenir home is the finest expression of your travel stories. 

Industrial decor

The industrial aesthetic look is really effortless but adds a different vibe to every interiors. You can incorporate it in your bedroom, create an interesting bay area or do up an entire studio apartment with the pared back, back-to-the-basics look. Simple experiments with brick inlays, grey, cemented walls (graffiti would add brownie points) and using pipes and metal junk would complete this look. Not stopping here, you can even accent your walls with gears, have rustic metal pipes as vases for flowers or simply replace your cushion chairs with distressed metal one; the possibilities are unlimited! 

Minimal Zen Interiors

The Art-of-Zen-inspired interiors are catching up, as the “less is more” ideal is being adopted worldwide, irrespective of culture.  The question that baffles most is how to achieve luxury through minimalism? The answer resides in the play of color and lines, along with the balance they set with the scarce elements within your home. Zen homes, or minimalist homes are perfect for those who want an escape from the weight and clutter of too many things. Zen believes that visual clutter drains energy and reduces focus. It is a myth that minimalism and luxury are worlds apart. With Zen, understated luxury exudes a feeling of mindfulness. 

Maximalist Homes

Maximalist homes can be identified by their exuberance – filled with rich fabrics, eclectic yet visually arousing patterns, neon or over-the-top accents and out-of-place furniture that all fit in and create a tasteful harmony. A maximalist home is visual reflection of everything you love – brimming to the edge with powerful colors and loud prints that create harmony through heterogeneity. Maximalism is an outburst of colors and energy, perfect for the impulsive, artistic soul whose only sin is hoarding. 

Sustainable Homes

With the Global Climate Strike gaining monumental momentum, the conversation around sustainable living is getting louder. Millions around the world are waking up to the effects of climate change and pledging to change their lifestyles for a better planet. Invest in energy efficient equipment. Most homes can cut down on an enormous energy bill if they create a comprehensive energy management plan and switch to efficient ovens, refrigerators and lighting systems. Smart kitchens are at their technological zenith, so check out how you can use Automation technology to reduce your carbon footprint. Place lush plants around your home generously. The greenery is not only calming to the eyes, but plants like Snakegrass, Aloe, Peace Lily, Chrysanthemum are natural air purifiers and reduce the temperature indoors. Replace your storage from plastic containers and single use bottles to glass jars and wooden storage that can be customised with paints and stickers. Sustainable homes are most suited for people who harmonise easily with the natural energies of the earth and have made a lifestyle choice to lead a sustainable balanced life.

Scandinavian Homes

Perfect for people who enjoy open spaces, understated decor and sleek functionality, Scandinavian designs are minimal yet highly need-based. Even without the superfluous extras of decoration, Scandinavian homes have a beautiful, clean simplicity that is both energising and calming at the same time. Decor elements are sparse yet dynamic enough to complement every mood, giving you an elevated emotional connection with your home.

Modern Country Homes

Modern country style homes are inspired by the rugged maturity of country homes, with the surprising pop accents of neo homes. Filled with accents of wood and metal, generally a much sought-after wooden floor, whitewashed walls with plenty of furnishings. Country homes aspire for a warm, welcoming ambience where abundance is visible and colors are plenty, balanced with the grounding elements of nature. This is your spirit home if you are someone who loves pets, new hobbies and laughter. 

Today, design sensibilities are easy to understand, thanks for thousands of online design blogs, journals and videos. The rules of design can be learnt, but sense of aesthetic is developed. Your decor style may not match the hard boundaries of these design styles but don’t worry – gather inspiration from these trends and work out your own magic with a unique mix and match that reveals a host of creative opportunities. 

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