7 Bad Housekeeping Habits to Quit Right Now

By March 16, 2018Blog

Housekeeping is not just a task but housekeeping can be looked as an ART! Yes, you read it right. Disciplined housekeeping involves strategic planning and methodical practice. This does not need whacking of your brain, you can just do the task as it comes and get it done smoothly. However, many households and industries follow bad housekeeping practices, which only cause dissatisfaction and disutility.

Following are a few bad housekeeping practices you need to keep away from:


People tend to just accumulate junk or any useless articles at their homes or workplace to be dealt with later. This is one of the main reasons for a cluttered environment. The solution for the same is to decide, then and there, whether the article in hand has some utility or not. The next step is to dispose the junk right away. Procrastination in dealing with junk is a detrimental habit. The following are a few examples of waste articles which people:

  • Thrifty collection of articles
  • Old newspapers etc.


An easy-to-remove stain can become the toughest stain, if not removed immediately. Be it tea stain, milk stain, or any stain for that matter, it is best to remove it immediately. You can keep a stain-removal spray handy to your rescue!


It is really helpful to clean up your kitchen and do dishes as you cook. The greatest plus point being, you do not have to come back to a messy kitchen after the day’s work. Also, one might tend to lose motivation to clean the kitchen after the day. But, for utensils which require serious concentration or soaking, give yourself some rest, relax and then carry on!


Accumulation of dust is a root cause for various health problems and needs to be taken care of as a priority. Sometimes we tend to skip the day’s vacuum cleaning and sweeping. Apart from the floors, things with flat surfaces too tend to collect dust, and further wind could blow this dust through the house. Thus, it is important to give your house a good dusting and cleaning frequently. You can also bring home air-purifying plants!


Identify the right place for each object taking into consideration the nature of the objects and place them accordingly in a suitable place. This rule gives you various bonuses as well:

  • Avoids damage of property
  • Keeps the goods in a consumable condition
  • Therefore, helps you save money!


Wet and damp towels are a breeding source for various germs and microbes. So, it is important to change your dish towels and bath towels frequently.

Also, to make your job easier, communicate your housekeeping rules with your fellow partners or roommates. This will not only ease your task but also develop a sense of belongingness and discipline in the house.

Good luck with your housekeeping!

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