HALLWAYS: Reaching the Heart of your House

By January 20, 2018Blog

Hallways are one of those parts in our home, which are often neglected, as they probably don’t qualify as a functional unit of the house, and people perceive them to be just a connecting pathway between other rooms.

However – in the opinions of any interior designer, hallways are no less important than any other room, if not being more important. Hallways act as the center stage for all other rooms and it creates the first impression of the house. A possible question that creeps out here is about how we can decorate a hallway in our home. Hallways can be of various types and the list never seems to be exhaustive. For example, we have the High Point Showhouse, known as L shaped center hallway in general terms acts as the central spine of the whole house as it provides a door-to-door connectivity to all the rooms. It comprises of a 14-by-7 center portion and a 12-by-5 side hallway.

It’s not only the structure of the hallway that matters. There are other elements that are sprinkled over the hallway as garnishing elements, which increases its beauty and these factors are solely dependent on the way you decide about to decorate a hallway of your home.

In the words of interior designer Hutton, “the hallway should slow down a passerby to see a story”. It is this telltale story, which reflects the values and experiences of the people living in the house.

Even seemingly small elements like the graphic pattern of the stairwell mattress or the graphic pattern on the windows thru which sunlight pours into the hallway adds to the story.

In addition to the windows and the carpet, the seating and console like a table is also a must for a hallway as it not only adds to the beauty of the hallway, but also serves the practical purpose of providing a seating facility. The presence of a table also provides a provision for dining during get-togethers. A variation of this table can be used to place lamps for a warm lighting or for other purposes like keeping framed photos and other collectibles.

Another important feature that adds to the beauty of the hallway is the walls of the hallway. The color of the wall, the design on the wallpaper (if there is one) is an important factor in describing the mood of the story. Portraits or family photos can be hung on the wall, which act as a prologue to the story and is a pleasant reminder of the happy moments shared under the roof of the house.

As is the case with the photos hung on the walls, same is the case with the books and photos that can be placed in a hallway bookshelf. Books ranging from primary grade to research journal, speak about the journey of which the house has been a part.

As mentioned earlier, many elements can be added to this list and the list is a never exhausting one; it is more of a matter of perspective and nothing is carved in stone. Decorating your hallway in your home is something that depends on your tastes and preferences. Someone might want a chair in the hallway, maybe as a welcoming retreat while someone might want to find a small sofa set to welcome guests.

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