How To Turn Any Wall Into A Statement Wall

By March 7, 2018Blog

Turning dining room wall or drawing room wall into statement wall will give wow factor to your house and make visitors eyeballs pop out instantly. So here are some ideas to share:

1. Make picture collage:
First, ask your relatives to share some lovely pictures with you. Then merge these pictures with already saved pictures on your computer. Now according to your choice make a college and get it frame to put it on the wall. You can select an individual photograph of your cousins and frame it in symmetrical order. You can choose frames of different color and shapes for special photographs. These pictures will bring nostalgic moments of your life. You can also purchase readily available frames for decorating the wall.

2. Vintage photograph:
Select an old photograph of any event, festival, tournament or any popular old painting. Get print as wall mural and paste it on the wall. You can select few vintage photographs relating to each other. Then use group photo frames to arrange these pictures in symmetrical order. Finally, put these frames on the wall and add a classy look to your house. A vintage wall mural will easily complement your furniture. This vintage statement wall with black and white hues will always attract visitors towards itself.

3. Create an old story on the wall:
Popular old stories of animals and birds can be used as wall murals to create a dreamy landscape. It feels like you are narrating a story and falls asleep. Choose your favourite story and then download pictures related to that story. Convert those pictures into wall murals and put them on the wall. It should contain deep colors and decorative patterns to give a perfect modern look at the back of your bedroom.

4. Child’s interest photos:
Ask your child his area of interest and then do the selection of pictures for his room. Now it is a long list comprising of fruits, flowers, birds, animals, numbers, alphabets or shapes. It can be the world map, country map, rainbow colors or solar system. This is a colorful way to decorate your child room. You can also select a simple and neutral color for a child room. One such example is to use polka dots wall mural for your child. This will not overpower the space in the room and can easily layer it up with accessories.

5. 3d wall murals:
3d wall murals are going to be next trending thing in home décor for the year 2018. They are available in different sizes and patterns. They add an extra dimension to your room. They give an eye-catching effect and add an oomph factor to your house interiors. 3d wall murals are expensive than regular wall murals but if you want something unique for your house décor than you should buy them.

All these ideas can be implemented to convert a regular wall into statement wall of your choice.

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