3 Tips for Creating an Effortless Easter Tablescape

By March 28, 2018Blog

Who doesn’t want an attractive table when celebrating Easter? There are some simple steps that can be done to make the table look impressive. And at the same time, can help you save money and time.

1. Choosing Color

The first and foremost step is to choose a colour for your table decorations. Choose such colours that complement your dining area décor, shelves, decorations and painting. Over the years, you will have accumulated several crockeries, dishes and several other decorative items.

2. Synchronizing with Color

Now the job is to raid your house for the items that sync with the colour you selected for the table. If you do not have many crockeries to choose from, choose what works for the theme. When you raid your own home, keep your mind open. You do not know what might catch your eye for the theme. So, no room in your home is safe in this raid. Leave no room, be it your office area, kids room, kitchen, bed room or the hall. This process of raiding your own home for decorations is called “shopping the home.” Well, doesn’t it sound exciting!! Not just that, it is very economical and saves money. If you choose such a spring colour in which you have enough crockeries and decorations, well, good for you. But if your heart is set on a different colour, don’t sweat. Just go with pale colours for major of the table decorations and then add the items in the colour of your choice so that these items pop-out on your table.

3. Adding Creativity

Now it’s time to add something unexpected or whimsy to your table. Just folding a napkin in a creative way or in a funny way can bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces. That’s a good motivation and reward enough for your efforts to make the table whimsy. Put something unexpected on your table or add a personal touch to the table. You can even try something that reflects the personalities of your family. You just need to be creative. If you are not, there is someone who can help you for free of cost, at your own convenience and at your choice of place. Yes!! I am talking about YouTube. You can find many videos on the YouTube that can help you in this task. Thrill yourself and your family members on this holiday.

It is always best to do things yourself rather than buying them. Look around or search your store room, you will find many things that are not useful to you anymore, like clothes or other things. Just mould them as per your needs and use them. It saves a lot of money. All you need is a bit of time and patience. Making your own table cloth, covering vases with scrapbook paper of coordinating colours are some ways that can help you in this step.

So, these steps will make for an attractive tablescape this Easter, at the same time saving your money and time. And not to forget, a wonderful chance to be the centre of your loved ones’ compliments.

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