Lessons to Learn from the Airbnb Kitchens in Korea

By March 25, 2018Blog

Many of the Airbnb rentals in Korea are small apartments, which have smart storage and organizing features that make them everybody’s choice on short trips and tours. There are some lessons that we can learn from these Airbnb kitchens in Korea that can help us make our kitchens more attractive and efficient by adding storage spaces.

Everyone wants enough storage in their kitchen and at the same time, nobody wants to cluster their kitchen with bulky-looking cabinets.  Airbnb kitchens host a winning solution for this problem. They house cabinets that open on a hinge along the top instead of opening to the sides like traditional cabinets do.

Using clutter shielding glass makes the kitchen attractive. Adding a shelving unit like an extension to the kitchens to increase storage is effective in the case of small kitchens. Just make sure it matches with your kitchen décor.

When we have to work in small space in the kitchen, it calls for creative ways. To add more storage, once can use rails or hooks. And another way is to add hooks, that can be used to hang pots, pans and utensils, to the sides of cabinets. This also keeps this stuff within reach and this is an added benefit. Generally, kitchen slabs have a clutter of wires of the appliances we use in the kitchen. This tangled mess of wires is a cause of frustration and at times cause some unwanted accidents in the kitchen. An uncommon but best place to put a power strip is the cabinet under the upper cabinets. This makes them accessible and out of the way. Not to point out, this also makes the kitchen easier to work in.

Generally, people opt for overhead or upper cabinets for storage of dishes or utensils. But this way can limit the amount of space to store dishes and glasses and will have us looking for new storage spaces in the kitchen. Installing drawers in the base cabinets, instead of cupboards will help us overcome this issue. This will make it easier to store the dining gear and utensils more efficiently. Adding small slabs on the side wall of the kitchen or dining area to mount small appliances or mugs is another way to remove clutter on the kitchen slab.

A studio apartment is just one huge room and it up to the tenant or owner to decide separate zones for one activity or another. There are ways to efficiently utilize the space. When the kitchens are small, a pull-out dining area that’s integrated into the cabinetry. One can simply pull in chairs from other rooms of the home. Another way to organise a studio apartment is seen in these Airbnb apartments. Well, how about installing a kitchenette that hides behind bifold doors when not in use. At a glance, one would never even know that a kitchen exists.

All these are wonderful ways to add storage and make the kitchen more efficient, aren’t they? Well, just choose what works for your kitchen.

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