5 Beautiful ways to use fairy lights!

By October 27, 2017Blog
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Fairy lights have much more potential to light up your life than you could ever imagine! These delicate little light bulbs strewn across long strings of copper wires can add magic to the ambience of any place.

You can get really creative and quirky with these lights and use them in your room or even outdoor. They are a wonderful and an affordable way to turn plain décor into something strikingly cool!

Here are five different ways of using these lights to actually light up your life!

1) The memory lane

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A boring blank wall in the room you want to decorate? Create your very own memory lane! Attach fairy lights to the walls using transparent tape or hang them and clip your favourite photographs – of your holidays, childhood days, family trips and your usual selfies! It is a sight you would want to see every day without getting bored! It is a great way of displaying your photographs too which would’ve otherwise gathered dust in your old books, shelves and drawers.

2) The star word

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Everybody has a dream or a goal in life, or a philosophy he or she is inspired by. Well, you can remind yourself of that in the most unique way-by writing it out using your fairy lights! Attach pins to trace the letters of the word on the wall and then wrap your fairy lights around them and there you go- the beautiful word coming to life, through those glimmering fairy lights! Your star word can be something that defines you- it can be ‘travel’, ‘peace’ or even the name of your favourite artist or band- anything which puts up a smile on your face!

3) Staircase to heaven

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Ever thought that the stairs you hate climbing or run up hurriedly to reach wherever you going could be made interesting too? Fairy lights are versatile, that way. Simply wrap them around the railing, along the length of the staircase. You could form your own pattern and use a combination of two colours. You’ll surely be mesmerized to see your very own, staircase to heaven!

4) Nature’s Wonderland

You’re lucky if you have a small backyard or a garden- by using fairy lights, they can become the perfect venues for cosy, informal get togethers, cocktail parties, barbeque dinners or all-in-one! Put them up on those bamboo chairs, the bushes and trees and see your little backyard turn into a wonderland!

One quick tip- Golden lights usually look the best when it comes to outdoor decor!

5) A thousand galaxies

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Simply attach fairy lights to the ceiling of your room and you have your very own night sky under which you can lazily lay, cuddled up in your favourite blanket and star- gaze as long as you wish to! Switch off all other lights and watch the magic unravel! It is a truly surreal experience!

These are just a few ideas. There are a lot of them which can add a wow element to your simple and plain décor You can improvise on your own and try out more fascinating ways of using these little bulbs of happiness!

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