5 of the best laundry hacks

By August 19, 2017Blog
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Do you suffer from the pangs of a small laundry room and are not sure how to maximize the limited space? Then you need to check out some of the best laundry hacks that we have posted below, as it shows you how to build laundry pedestals, create extra storage space and much more.

Optimize the space

Granted most laundry rooms are small and it is often a daily battle just to get it working right. But here’s a tip on how to maximize the use of the small space, by co-opting the door or rather the space behind the door. You can DIY and create your own board or purchase it at the nearest warehouse supply store. Once you have your board, all you need to do is to fix it in the space behind the door and you should be able to hang your cleaning rags, brooms, and even tiny buckets on it.

Create your own laundry room pedestal:

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Most laundry room pedestals come with a pricey tag and the one way to avoid costly expensive pedestals is to build your own one. And frankly, all it takes is a little time and effort on your part, but before you get started on this DIY project, make an assessment as to whether you can build it on your own or need to purchase it. Moving on, head over to the nearest warehouse supply store and get the required wood you require and make sure that it is thick enough to support your washer and dryer. Check online for free tutorials on how to build washer pedestals and that should clue you in on how to go about it. Once you have all the supplies at hand, you can get to build the pedestal from ground up, and even use the space beneath the pedestal as a sorting area for your laundry.

Counters and spaces

One of the neat ways to optimize limited space is by building counters for your laundry accessories from detergents to the rest, while you utilize the space beneath for your bins. You can also build in some side cupboards to the counter to store all the detergents and liquids in, and within easy reach of the washing machine.

Use the space

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Here’s a way by which you can optimize the limited space by using your machine as a countertop; the trick is in building a counter around and on top of the machine, like a cabinet and getting to use the space above the machine.  The only catch is that the machine should be a front loading one and not a top loading machine, for obvious reasons. This should enable you to use the space above the machine which would otherwise remain unutilized.

Create a mounted drying rack

Given the limited space, it is a good idea to maximize the usage and one nifty trick is by building a mounted drying rack. This should enable you to use the limited space to dry the clothes and to get them all crisp and dry in no time at all.

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