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If you are getting tired of the same old blank wall staring back at you, perhaps it is time to redo the wall by adding a few photos to the wall. The one thing that photos always manage to do is to center attention and while your wall may have a great coat of paint on, it needs a few photos to make it stand out. Think of your wall as a blank canvas and that any photos you add to the same would only make it come alive. Here are a few photo display ideas that you can put to good use

Family pictures

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Family is important to all of us and what better way to honor our family than to display a few pictures of the same. However, the old glassy eye portraits are a thing of the past and went out of vogue nearly half a century ago. Rather try to see if you can manage to tell a story about your family with the pictures that you display, and you can arrange them in a way that makes them seem more alive, and draws the visitor’s attention. Check out the display below, it is a perfect example of showcasing family dynamics by using pictures.

Get creative

While most interior decorators may groan about the way you go about dressing your interiors, the fact remains that it is your wall and how you choose to decorate it is up to you. So get creative with those pictures, connect them with each other in whatever order you deem fit, use similar colored frames so that it goes with the background wall or use contrasting ones.

Choose the right frame

You may want to display pictures that go together so that when displaying them on the wall, they look good. It is one thing to display similar framed pictures on a wall but another where the frames all appear mismatched, so try to ensure that all pictures are similarly framed. While there is no hard and fast rule that all the pictures on a particular wall must all have similar frames, it is always a good idea to use matching pictures and frames so that the pictures stand out for all the right reasons.

Context matters

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This is especially true when you are trying to lighten up the room, whether the room appears dull or just a tad understated, choosing the right picture or pictures can certainly liven up the room.

Perspective matters as well;

When displaying the pictures, you often need to view it from the point of an outsider. Imagine what any outsider would make of your display and what it tells them about you, your family or your vacations and that should enable you to decide which pictures you would like to display on the wall

With these ideas, you should be able to perfectly co-ordinate your picture displays and get them to liven up your house in just the right way.

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