6 Mistakes You’re Making When Hanging A Gallery Wall

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Today, in the age of pictures and artwork being more virtual and real, a gallery wall brings a touch of elegance and charm to a decor. But like anything else, it needs to be done right. A few tricks can make the difference between an ordinary wall with pictures on it and a hence show stopper. It takes a little research and careful selection of frames for the wall to transform the wall as fantastic as your memories . Although it is difficult to encapsulate all the tips for the same in one go, here are a few mistakes that you could be making while hanging your own gallery wall;

1) Not Pre Planning

You could choose personal pictures, paintings etc to put up on your wall but it needs to be well planned. You can’t simply drive in nails at random and hang the frames. If it helps, use a software to arrange your frames on a virtual platform before you actually put them up. Or lay them down on the floor in the way that you like and examine the effect; only once you are convinced of the pattern, bring out the hammer and nails.

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2) Not Considering Cohesion

For any gallery wall to actually be artistic, the most important element is cohesion. Each individual frame doesn’t have to be the same as the next; in fact, the differences can be played. But there needs to be some thread of commonality. Each piece must get along with the rest so that put together, they make a whole new art piece. By the end of the project, the gallery wall should transform and become the one corner that drags the eye of the person entering the room.

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3) Using Incorrect Lighting

Any artist or photographer on the face of this earth will tell you that there is no point in trying to display any piece of art with improper lighting. Pictures and paintings are best viewed in proper display lights; play around with different ideas before fixing on one. A proper light source can make the difference between an average gallery wall and an extraordinary one because it is only in the correct light that the true effect of colours comes out.

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4) Not Considering The Spacing

The relief left between frames are vital to achieve a good look of the wall as the frames themselves. They play the role of outlining each piece and also of binding them all together on a common ground. It is essential that the spaces therefore be played with equal importance.

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5) Not Choosing The Right Color For The Wall

If the wall plays such an important role in the whole project, it is churlish not to pick the right colours and textures for it. Depending on your selection of pictures or paintings, the right colour and texture stands to take the whole affair to the next level. Sometimes, this may turn out to be an expensive affair and one can’t really put a price tag on things like these that add a whole new dimension to the interiors.

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6) Not Considering The Rest Of The Room

The gallery wall may be an art piece in itself but it doesn’t do well to detach it from its surroundings. After all, the room around it too will affect how the wall looks in comparison. The colours and themes must sit well together; either contrasting or complimenting. Also, the positioning of the wall must be well thought out too; its relation to windows and doors, where it can be viewed from etc.

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A gallery wall definitely lends a touch of elan to most settings. Often, it is a matter of a little effort and a little application to get the whole setup right. Done correctly, the gallery wall can be the crowning glory, the pièce de résistance of an entire apartment. A few trials and errors and you could very well create one of these in your own home! So grab your best prints and paintings and see what magic you could whip up in your space!

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