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Your home should be your sanctuary of peace and tranquillity, a place where you find solace in troubled times and look forward to relax. Zen style of designing is inspired by the Japanese style of design; this means minimalist landscaping, well-thought designs and peaceful surroundings that reflect harmony and relaxation. Creating Zen interiors for your home means that you should design your home in sync with nature.

Opt for earthy colors

Zen-inspired designing is about choosing natural colors such as white, gray or shades of beige or pink or a combination of both. These colors are believed to induce a sense of peace in us. When choosing colors, ensure that there is some form of chromatic harmony among the different elements. To add contrast and contour to a monochrome room, combine a dominant color with matching objects like beige with rosewood, for instance; to create a diverse effect, combine two matching colors.

Choose natural and light fabrics

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Like earthy colors for your homes, choose fabrics that are natural and light. Choose drapes and curtains made of natural textiles such as wool, linen and match them with the décor in the room. Pay attention to the fixation systems for a soothing effect.

Use nature-inspired lights

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To create a relaxing atmosphere, choose nature-inspired lights and replace florescent lights. Place various types of lights that can be controlled for intensity and projection. Use wall-mounted reading lights in your bedroom, and you can even add some scented candles for a soft and inviting look.

Adhere to simple and natural furniture

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Zen-style furniture is all about simplicity and elegance devoid of excess ornamentation. Furniture should be of natural materials. Place your bed near a source of natural light in your bedroom. Use upholstered or patchwork headboards. Use wool or fleeced covers or throws and opt for various sized pillows with different pillowcases. To create a cozy reading nook, choose simple furniture like an armchair. Zen decorations for the bedroom usually include potted orchids and painted artwork. You can also add Buddha sculptures or healing crystals.

Love the scents!

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Scent your rooms with natural scents like a homemade linen spray, essential or beeswax candles. Use these fresh scents as they can provide a feeling of calm.

Say it with bamboo and wood

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Zen décor uses bamboo as it can be used to add some contrast to plain-looking walls and texture to the overall décor. Natural wood window frames are also a great way to beautify your homes as they are believed to bring positive energy. Sliding wooden doors is another Zen décor feature.

Make your walls talk with wall art

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Wall art is a quintessential feature of Zen décor. Wall murals, for instance, add beauty to your plain walls and lend a minimalist and simple look to your home décor. Ideally, you should not place too many decorations in rooms.

Zen designing is about creating a minimalist look in our living spaces by using limited amount of resources and materials.

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