6 times when Countertops became the most versatile table tops

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Counter tops are a subtle yet effective way of enhancing the appearance of your interior decor. The personalization that comes along with decorating table tops is unlike any other, some we have adapted for years and some innovative ideas that could transform the entire ambiance of the room. The functionality of a tabletop could be extended as an installation given the right creative direction. It could be a cozy, warm look of reclaimed wood or a vintage antique feel of a re-purposed household prop. It could be something as authentic as quartz or as beloved as concrete customized to maximum personalization.

Forecasting the materials

Going by the current trends in decor styles, it is plain to see that intensely pigmented minerals, sand, and rock inspired different pattern abstractions are the perfect additions to every modern adobe. Forecasting home trends for the upcoming years revolve around vitrified porcelain glazes which have a luminous quality in fired and metallic hues. There is also a rise in materials such as glass, mirror, and resins explore swirled and striated marbling.

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Wood Countertops

The distinct features of wooden counters are the unique play of color schemes and detailed grain look owing to their natural appearance. Combined with hard floor or walls with wood cabinets, wooden countertops are perfect accents to a kitchen/dining setting.

If authentic is what you have in mind, then Butcher Blocks are what you need to bring home. Butcher blocks are organic long cuts of-of thick wood bonded together to form a slab with imperfect edges- the epitome of great character with warmth and charm to boot. While they can be left with only a top coating, they could also be varnished significantly to create a sleek and elegant match to a modern aesthetic. The wood of choice could be maple, oak, cherry or teak but regardless of what is chosen, wood is imbibed with a warm and welcoming feel.

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Rock Countertops

Most bold statements come with bold price tags- a perfect example of which is Granite counter tops. While granite is a luxury home staple, an alternate of it is Slate which is considerably less price. The most beautiful aspect of metamorphic rocks is that they aren’t overwhelming, they are mostly simple and not prone to edge chipping especially if they have curved edges. Slates are not just black or white. They come in various colors (brown, blue, red, yellow, purple) They could be finished either sleek sheen or shiny bright. As authentic as the material is, it doesn’t need proper maintenance, only polish with mineral oil occasionally, and it will be back to its original glory. Marble tops are the most elegant, classic options and not only do they project a beautiful face but they also have a tough personality. As marbleizing your kitchen counter top is a pricey step to take, hire a professional to make sure it appears as the highlight of your home decor when you are done installing it.

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Concrete Countertops

When we say concrete, we do not mean the unfinished gray matter as the end product. Concrete is the most customizable material that has great strength and texture. It could be beautified by changing its attributes like texture, color, thickness and feel of it. Embellish it off with shells, marbles, sea pebbles, glitter or even pennies as the top layer with a good waxing for a top coat; it is as good as a masterpiece furniture could be. The possibilities of adding elements to the concrete and making it your canvas is endless.

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Recycled Glass

Untrue to its fragile and brittle nature, glass bits when recycled become sturdy and durable in character. In addition to being sustainable to the environment, they make beautiful counter tops; The key is to mix the recycled glass with cement binders or our personal suggestion- resin, to create a thick paste which can be evenly laid out to act as a glistening counter top. The emphasis of this style is not only in its beauty and sustainability but also that it is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and durable for decades. The colors or size of glass bits used are widely customizable according to your personal preference or by the interior decor.

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Quartz is a natural stone in its full glory with the brawn of a human-made material. It is widely known for its intensely layered depth and immense beauty. The brawn of this particular stone is that it is not only scratch resistant, it is also highly resistant to heat, stains, acid, and impact. Quartz comes in various patterns and colors, so they are easy to fit into almost any color scheme or decor plan.

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This high performing technology age is the right time to think different from the crowd. With the good craftsmen and design engineers, you could turn any material/ object/ surface into something exclusive and alluring enough to eat on.

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