A Modern Makeover method by Emily Henderson

By January 13, 2018Blog

Emily Henderson has a passion for adding creative personality to a plain and simple space. While sometimes the personality is very sophisticated, refined, like a classy French woman and while other times, it is a young and fun loving modern party girl. In situations when one starts with an initial foundation, it is comparatively easier to bring the crazy in a way so that this does not seem very permanent and everlasting, and crazy devoid of any commitment is what Emily always strives to get behind that. Method motivated Emily to partner with it’s philosophy and use more clean and comprehensive design with bright and youthful colors of their products as the motivation for a transformation of a modern and beautiful but still cold house. The architecture needed an exuberant personality, and Emily chose the personality of a loving and caring lady, bright and happy. Emily wondered where they got the inspiration from.

They had some amenable architectures, but Emily wanted to provide more brightness, youthfulness and sense of being alive. She removed the obsolete black chairs and replaced them with lovely and elegant white furniture, removed the dark art pieces and replaced them with some youthful and abstract painting artwork, switched out the contemporary floor tiles the stylish and authentic rugs and gave it an authentic and stylish artistic look.

Best accessories to lighten the obsolete lines of a modern home are exuberant, artistic and sculptural plants, and round accessories. The shapes chosen by Emily were mostly modest and simple but since they were round and fine textured, they brought more exuberance and sense of being alive to the space.

The living room was also seeking for a jolt of transformation and positive change as well. It really comprised of neutral palette and authentic finishes – which were good looking and had a sense of contemporary look, but still lacked the method freshness which Emily was striving for. Shopping for this transformation took few days and styling it took a few hours, for which a Production engineer lent his service and consultation. Emily experienced some serious instant satisfaction, as she had a passion for home makeovers and styling.

Her hard work was visible and her artwork really felt bright, exuberant and artistic, which was motivated by the artistic designing method.

Some clients demand particular kinds of colors and patterns because of varied tastes and preferences. This case depicted that there were no clients, only some rooms inspired by a simple and fresh product, which transformed Emily’s job into a great fun. That was a fantasy job– most of the things were rented or borrowed, arranged only for the shoot so Emily could go crazy playing, accessorizing and layering without a client there to veto her. Without any offense to the clients, but on some days, Emily misses those days of doing the show, because Emily was free to do whatever she wanted and the clients were always happy with the result.

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