A room-by-room guide to feng shui.

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“Home is where the heart is”- reads one of the most famous quotes. The heart ought to be in the right place especially when you are looking for peace in this ever-busy world. When you enter one’s home, the little nuances unknowingly make a lot of difference. The positioning of things, furniture, wall-colour, plants etc. have a say in the look and feel of the house. Noticing one’s taste, art, collection, choices, lights etc. goes without saying to how they make or break a vibe.

Feng Shui is an interesting Chinese philosophy that is centuries old, that encourages positivity and vibrancy into one’s home and hence, life. Feng Shui is defined as “(in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.”

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The Chinese ancestors believed that the energy is what drives positivity and while building a home, it is essential to keep this in mind. Wood, fire, metal, water, and earth are the foundation of the philosophy. Each of these components is derived to a specific colour that helps build peace. Various tools are used to determine the areas of a house that can adapt to Feng Shui. Feng shui compass also known as Luo-pan, bagua, etc. knowfengshui.com quotes that “Ancient feng shui masters knew what quantum physics is telling us today – that everything around us is composed of endless energy fields connecting everything you see, feel and touch (as well as millions of things we do not see with our physical eyes).

There is really no separation between you and everything that surrounds you (that sure includes your home).”According to this philosophy, which is now adapting to the modern day needs, Physical and Mental health improve with your surroundings. Everything around you has a say in how you feel, act and live. Having a peaceful and harmonious house is the most important in today’s day and age because of the growing population and competition.

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After coming home, relaxing and taking in the positivity becomes a vital part of the day. According to dummies.com “Feng shui is the study of the relationships between the environment and human life. Discovered by the Chinese, Feng Shui has been practised for centuries to design environments that enhance conditions for a successful life.”

Following are a few easy steps to Feng Shui your house.

Place Color Importance Tips
Bedroom Brown or green Relaxation and sensuality
  • Allow free flow of energy by removing excess items
  • Reduce the number of electronics
  • Pick art carefully
Kitchen Yellow Socializing and warmth
  • Remove extra gadgets
  • Grow more plants
  • Get different types of light fixtures
Living Room Neutral colors with pops Cosy, Close and Intimate
  • Neither too big nor too small
  • Normal shaped
  • Should not be higher than the dining area
  • More plants
  • No toys etc.
Dining Room Sky blue or Cream Nourishing Body and Relationships
  • Multiple textures of cloth
  • Round tables
  • Two doors
Enterway White walls with bold colors Vitality and Prosperity
  • Strong colors
  • Door should be grand and heavy
  • Bright lights
home interior design bangalore

It is essential to understand the essence of things before following this philosophy. Feng Shui considers all the creatures in their natural habitat and encourages a better stimulation between the two. Imbibing nature and colours into our daily life could only make one’s way of living better and vibrant. Structuring your house with this philosophy by making these few changes can impact your life largely, in a positive way. Understanding and implementing Feng Shui is in not lieu with science or beliefs. A simple change to your surroundings can make the impact that would last a lifetime.  

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