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Interior decoration has become a trend today, whether it is for a brand new apartment or just changing the look of the daily abode. A little colour on the walls, some classy furniture and intelligent lighting adds volumes towards making it comfortable and pleasant. After all, it’s the go-to place after a hard day at work, a personal space which ought to feel safe, secure, relaxed and happy.

  • Furniture- dark and wooden- Check.
  • Walls- lustre white- Check.
  • Wallpaper- Check.
  • Lamps- Check.

The fifth wall- the ceiling- is conveniently forgotten, as it does not usually fit in the direct line of sight. However, research says ceiling decoration plays a silent yet enormous role in setting the mood of the house and its general atmosphere.

How to get that perfect ceiling? Check out the following pointers:

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1. Colours

Lighter colours enhance the feeling of spaciousness, while solid ones invite coziness. White is playing it safe and is known to contribute to maintaining a peaceful and airy atmosphere. Just bear in mind that the reflective effects of light depend a lot on colour.

2. Material

Plaster of Paris is ancient; today interesting ceilings are made of wood, metal and even fabrics. Copper and embellished tin ceilings have royal appeal, dark wooden ones look aristocratic; while sheer pleated fabric keep it soft and airy. Tiles show sleekness and stained glass lights up the room with vibrant hues.

3. Texture

False ceilings have been ruling the roost, but textures and patterns bring in the fun factor. Striped, stencilled, chequered or ancient Indian intricate designs add beauty. Ceilings can even narrate stories – a scene from the Mahabharata, or a frame from the movie Avatar. A vast variety of wallpapers can be sifted through and experimented with.

4. Lighting

Lighting is known to transform the look of houses completely. Mood lighting works wonders-it can virtually amplify depth, space and atmosphere. Enormous antique chandeliers add charm no doubt, but are difficult to maintain. Lights ensconced in woven bamboo cases give earthly charm. Stained glass lights scatter brightness. Metal casings provide the old world feeling. A variety of modern as well as antique curiosities is available.

5. Accessories

A swing can be let down from the ceiling instead of a sofa. Potted plants are known for calming effects and look good too, suspended from the ceiling. Accessories like lights and fans must be installed cleverly, so as to not disturb the aesthetics. If it’s a terrace roof, the entire ceiling can be given a creeper cover.

6. Customize

A variety of DIY solutions are also available to fancy up the ceiling-

  • Doodles
  • Favourite quotes
  • Chessboard pattern
  • Posters of your favourite band
  • Collages and pictures
  • Glass mosaic (A broken mirror will work just fine)
  • Colourful murals
  • Glitter-dust

A host of creative ideas and options can be employed. After all, it’s that last thing we see before sleeping, and the first thing we wake up to. Must be pleasant, eh?

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