Personal space and how to make it cosier

By April 12, 2018Blog

A personal space is like your den, where you can keep your stuff according to your choice and even if it’s untidy then who cares? After all, it’s your own space! But a well organized and airy space can influence positive energies and create motivation in oneself. Decorating your personal room is quite an exciting task. Want to know the perfect ways to make it more cosy and comfortable? Read the below-mentioned tips!

Adding lower tables and floor lightings

Floor lightings and lower level tables help to keep any room cosy. Along with this, you can add a mattress and a few cushions. This will allow you to change the look of your room by giving it an unperturbed feeling.

Add in pictures

Deck up the walls, that are a reflection of your vivid and best memories. For starters, DIY wall gallery is a great idea to begin. Addition to Pictures, art or collectibles can be great addition. Tip: Mark out the Composition on the wall using a chalk or Pencil. Visualise the layout before you get started with the drill.

Add a bit of green here and there

Even the smallest of the houseplants help to change the atmosphere of the room, making it unique. Green is good for your eyesight and your health as well. So why not add a bit of green to your room? Add a small houseplant, right adjacent to the new leather chair you bought just a few days ago. Certainly, it will give your room a peaceful and cosy touch.

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