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Souvenir Home Decor

Souvenir homes have to walk the tricky walk of being simple, but their beauty lies in the fact that these homes have divine inspiration from hundreds of cultures and societies. Every few kilometers, dialects change, so do the traditions and handicrafts. Souvenir homes are interiors decorated with eclectic pieces from around the world. These pieces can include eye-catching furniture,  clever lights or eccentric showpieces of Gods from a foreign land- maybe wood carvings from Africa or Bamboo stools from Bali- the world is your home décor merchandiser!

Travel souvenirs coupled with home décor always made a hazy category in interior design, but with the advent of travel bloggers inspiring masses on social media, travel has become a lifestyle. Here is some quick advice to make your home a dreamy traveler’s den.

Capture colors to match your theme

Souvenir Colour Theme

To create your own globe trotter pad, learn how to tame the color scheme. A good hue can make your interiors go from dull to striking. You can start with organizing your furniture- start with the cushions then pair them with curtains and find ways to pepper hints of pop colors here and there. Use objects like books, plants and framed photographs to balance out your souvenirs.  Everything is clutter if it doesn’t synchronize with a color palette.


Use Greens With Souvenirs For Home Decor

Greens make everything better. Cut out ornate details and simply fill empty spaces with lush greenery.. right inside your home. Check out DIY gardening ideas for your interiors, you will find a lot of lovely ideas that would also help you recycle! Put plants where people would least expect them, like on the bright bathroom window or in the middle of the dining table and enjoy the lushness light up your home!

Dish out old tickets and postcards

Old Tickets Postcards DIY Interior DecorationFridge magnets are passé, dish out old tickets from your last foreign holiday and get crafty! Make a collage with old postcards and tickets, play with ribbons and colors and viola! You have yourself an authentic souvenir décor piece that looks stunningly vintage. Frame old album covers or posters, customize them and place them in living room decor.

Feel the Fabric (Textile)

Souvenir Furniture For Home Interiors

Did you know that there are as many as 900 different types of fabric used in sofas? Then why stick to the plain old choices? Your sofa, cushions or curtains don’t have to be an accessory in your home décor composition- they could be the masterpieces! Instead of saving up for new furniture pieces, scourge for interesting textiles and prints and incorporate the quirky designs in your furniture. Explore local arts and crafts and create a soothing yet lively synergy between all your diverse elements.


Use the Booze

Bottles DIY Interior DecorGlass liquor bottles are recyclable and add an artistic flair to both interiors and garden landscaping. Use old bottles to make hanging pots or fit them with lights and place them around the porch. You can hang bottles with fitted lights from the ceiling for a muted, romantic look! Next time you bring home some booze, don’t toss the bottle!

Put some culture on it

DIY Home DecorInterior décor trends fizzle out fast. Culture is a silent yet visually vibrant part of everyday design and while most people don’t realize it- culture has a huge impact on their interior decoration and architecture. For eg, most Japanese homes have minimal furniture, thick drapes and floor seating while Balinese homes always have a temple within the property. Instead of incorporating small souvenirs here and there, get your interior designer or architect to go for a full culture packed interior designing influenced from your favorite destination. Look for cultural cues in your interiors and compare them with how people from other countries decorate their homes. You’ll find plenty of inspiration from different cultures as well as find a plethora of new design tastes to choose from!


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  • Akshay says:

    Very nice thoughts. I loved the idea of keeping SOUVENIR in the house for decor. I love all the ideas especially Greens and Put some culture on it one, the decor of the culture theme is just astonishing. I really enjoyed it and now I have lots of ideas for my home decor. Thank you for these great ideas. Keep sharing.



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