Easy ways to keep your home clean all the time

By January 23, 2018Blog

First thing I would recommend you is to sit down and list down things that you would like to do is make a list of habits you would like to change because visually seeing what progress you have done will help you to stick to it and put a simmer where you will see where you will see every day where you can get out of the habit easily. If you are a person who tends to collect lot of things on a random basis you can go definitely try this hack, that is monthly or weekly go around the room and collect all those things that do not really have a spot or home and figure out where they should go or maybe they should not go and by doing this you are sweeping out all the things that and by doing this it will help getting things not getting cluttered and stays very clean.

After a heavy day of work and when you are very tired it might be very tempting to throw your keys on the table and coat on the bed and just relax, but try not doing that and instead try putting things like your keys, purse and bag at the right place where they have to be so that they are not lying around and you do not have to worry about it later.

We often have the habit of eating food in our bedroom and throw the trash in the room dustbin but instead if we can try avoiding it and we can just go down to the kitchen and throw trash in the kitchen. Once in a while, a deep cleaning perhaps can-do wonders. Another amazing way to keep your realm clean and neat is to buy keeping your pillows organised, for that, you can buy a small basket wired or plastic which should help you keep your soft pillows in them instead of tossing them on the floors or shoving them somewhere and that way the room will look cleaner than usual.

Most of us have this habit of reading the newspaper and throwing them all around the room, which looks untidy and dirty so the best way to keep them organised is to fold them and stick a filling folder on your wall which matches with the wall paint and organise your papers into the file. To organise your pile of clothes, best way is to sort your clothes according to the colour or category for example jeans on one side, shirts on one side and then place them on the closet accordingly, everyday morning you will not have to be in a dilemma on what dress to wear if your closet is clean it gives an immense pleasure to look good and dress well.

You are much happier, healthier and confident if your room is clean. On top of that, a clean room keeps you sleep better and getting enough sleep is essential for your happiness. So, Make It Happen!! Happy Cleaning

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