Unravelling Leisure Spaces – A Guide To De-stressing Decor

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De-stressing Decor

The toil of hasty mornings and dusty evenings get the best of us. By the time we get home at the end of the day, we’re all craving some downtime. But coming back to a home that doesn’t speak our language and help us harmonise or doesn’t soothe us, is definitely not ideal! We believe that your home is a reflection of your identity and it is important to invest some effort, resources and time in creating a home that really welcomes you. Our Architects have some useful tips for you to create a de-stressing decor at your home. And no, it doesn’t involve meditation!


Muted tones

Muted Tones Wall Decor 2

To create a place of mental refuge, strip down the distracting colors that create a visual strain and choose muted tones for walls, carpets or curtains. If muted tones are tad too dull for your taste, pick from an assortment of pastel shades that create harmony and make a colorful abode that feels warm, comfy and de-stressing! Muted tones accentuate the feeling of intimacy and at the end of the day the warm lights bestow a beautiful, glowing ambience to a home with a muted palette.


Mindful decor

Warm Earthy Decor

If your focus is on leisure, it is time to draw attention to what you put inside your delightful home, as mindful decor affects the vibe immensely. Create decor with warm, earthy tones having subtle splashes of pleasing colors such as blues, peach and teal. This will help in having a soothing environment for a time of revitalisation. Look for sustainable decor in bamboo, recycled wood, jute and other material. You can also experiment in metals such as brass, creating fusion looks with natural wood. One useful tip is to place simple mirrors in strategic places for a delightful play of bouncing natural light. With such a beautiful decor around you, it’s time to let go of all the stress, dish out the pot pourri and light elegant lamps as the sun goes down.



Wing Chair In Your Decor

For a harmonious, leisurely ambience, we suggest investing in a cozy recliner or a sofa for movie nights with the family. Thoughtfully arrange your furniture, don’t constrain your interiors as narrow but bulky spaces build tension. If you have a family or entertainment room, you can make it completely informal, meant only for private family time. Play with the height of different furniture in one room – wing chair paired with an ottoman, diwan placed adjacent to a lounger and so forth – this will make the room look more spacious. Add to the leisurely composition with carpets, our favourite essential as winter has set in. You can experiment not just with the patterns and colours but also with the degree of softness you would like based on your needs! To make it cosier, you can also add plenty of cushions and plush seating that is laid out generously. A butterfly chair, from the Karpntree Collection or the tufted sofa are great single seaters- perfect for a siesta or some casual reading!


Ventilation and Plants

Indoor Outdoor Plants Decor

“Breathe” should be a constant reminder that your de-stressing interiors should be giving you. What’s better than to wind up the evening with a hot drink, feeling the cool, fresh breeze wafting into your home? Don’t obstruct the windows, keep them ajar for some fresh air and keep congestion at bay. Make sure your home gets plenty of sunlight during the day to battle dust and allergens. The most rewarding idea would be to bring home small, easy-to-manage plants from the nursery and adding a green streak around the house. Having plants and fresh flowers around your home will not only make you feel calmer but also add character to your home.



Shoe Organiser

It’s an absolute misery to come home to an unorganised house after a long day at work! The dishes are piled up, stacks of clothes are strewn over the home and the laundry has begun to colonise the living room. Truth be told, we all know we would feel so much better emotionally, if we lived in neater spaces, but at times we are too held up or unsure of how to go about organising the home. Don’t fret! Let your space be designed such that it doesn’t allow you to clutter. Create clean storage spaces with shutters without too many open shelves – too much visible surface area sometimes makes us throw things around without putting them in their actual place. Similarly, identify the areas where you tend to make the most mess – for example, the bedroom, the kitchen or the living space. If it’s the bedroom, get specialised furniture equipped with organisers that can assist you with neat stacking. For the living area, restrict storage to a sideboard and open up the space for other decor elements to come in. Arrange your most essential cooking items nearest to the hob in the Kitchen and the larger, lesser used vessels away from it; this will ensure that containers are not scattered around and your countertop remains free and clean. And, this is just the beginning. Read our blog on really smart storage solutions here if your clutter simply refuses to be set straight!


Setting the vibe

Lighting Ambience For Your Reading Nook

Now that you’ve taken care of the basics, it’s time to add some flavor to your de-stressing home. As the sun sets and the temperature goes down, switch on the lamps for a tranquil glow. It won’t hurt to light those scented candles someone gifted you ages ago! Before you plunge into your hectic day, breathe in the aroma of the fresh flowers and play some good music. Set your mind towards actually “feeling it”- the soothing rejuvenation your home has to offer.


Attuning your decor to your temperament, keeping your place well-organised and creating the perfect soothing ambience, completely does the trick in calming nerves. To acquaint yourself further to a relaxed lifestyle, follow these tips and indulging in the leisurely luxury of quiet unravelling.



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