The One Thing You Need to Ensure a Clutter-Free Kitchen

By March 11, 2018Blog

Three kids live in my home, Reena, Samrat, and a cute kid Tania, my wifey. Tania is a good wife but clumsy when it comes to managing the household equipment especially in the kitchen. Reena maintains cleanliness whereas Samrat used to throw things here and there and when he does the same in the kitchen it seems impossible for Tania to handle ’em all.


In order to make a clutter-free kitchen, the things are needed to be arranged in a proper manner and to do the same, recently, she came up with an idea and asked me to fulfill it. At first, I thought the idea would not work but surprisingly it did wonder for our kitchen, almost resolving the cluttering issue. The idea is to have a portable and foldable multipurpose storage almirah.

The technique is: Sort the larger and smaller objects shelf wise. The shelves inside the almirah are not only removable but also can be adjusted length-wise to keep the larger objects easily fit inside. As she clears the countertop, she now puts the non-usable things inside it. And because of the portability of the almirah, she can save an extra piece of energy now.

Sometimes, when a lot of things are needed outside the kitchen, Tania just removes one shell and puts everything over it. Even when Samrat throws anything here and there, she just uses the same shelf to carry. Not everything can be carried on the shelf, only the things that are needed outside the kitchen sometimes, usually some tools. This makes the work easier, well at least we have a beautiful multi-purpose rack that can be washed easily and is always clean.

Now when the whole family unites in the kitchen, the view is different like I’m more concentrated at the countertop for the clutter to be vanished from everywhere, the view looks more organized. Reena too sometimes helps her mother. Looks like she also likes the interface of the almirah. Now about Samrat, he still throws objects, this time from inside the almirah. But, thanks to the management that it requires less time and work than usual by zipping the almirah.

An object is your slave and you’re its master, behold it’s position before it turns a disaster.

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