Rustic home decor DIY projects

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If you are looking for a new rustic look then here are a few great rustic home décor DIY ideas that you may want to take a closer look at. Some of these ideas are simple, and easy; and you should be able to give your home that rustic look in no time at all.

Jar wall lanterns

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For starters, the jar wall lanterns are sure bound to give your home that rustic feel and look. You would need a large jar, and the older it looks, the better. Apart from this, you would need few stones to place inside the jar to anchor and balance the candle, lamp with a flat surface on the middle. You would also require a few pieces of wood to provide a base to the jar and to anchor it to the ropes with which you can either suspend the jar itself from the ceiling or from the side of your wall.

Rustic photo ladder

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All you would need are a few branches of some hardy tree, and with it, you can build this up in no time at all. Once you have sanded the branches, and not too hard for you still need to retain that rustic look. But once you have sanded the branches lightly, and drilled in the holes at the right places, you should be able to build up that rustic ladder in no time at all. Once you have your ladder, you can add a few decorations and even pin a few pictures or hang then from the rungs of the ladder for that ethnic rustic look, see below.

Rustic coffee table

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A rustic coffee table is a great look for any home, but getting the right one, with the grain displayed on top is easier said than done given how most of the tables today come highly polished and varnished. However, you can purchase the rustic table at any antique shop or build your own and it is indeed an exhilarating experience to build your own table. All that you would require are a few supplies from quality lumber to miter saw and nails. You should be able to get it at any hardware shop, and once you have all the supplies, you should be able to cut, saw, sand and assemble the pieces together. And once you have got the coffee table, it should look like the one displayed below

DIY message board

Message boards are fairly easy to assemble and giving them a rustic look is not that hard either. All that you would require are the supplies from the wood to the metal grates and get them set up. Soon you should have your own rustic message board, the sort you can see at any farm.

Rustic wood stands

The great thing about building wooden stands is that you can build them in any shape you prefer and it really is not that hard to put it all together. You can build them in any shape, paint them and use it, see below

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