Tips and tricks to gift your kid a happy and beautiful room!

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Choosing the right décor for your kid’s room is no kid’s play. It requires a lot of planning and research to get the best ideas for your little one’s room as a growing child needs the perfect environment to bloom and grow properly. However, these simple tips and tricks will help you get an idea of how to gift your kid a happy and beautiful room.

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First things first! A happy and bright environment helps to keep a kid upbeat and energetic. Hence, bright walls are a must. But, are bright coloured walls enough? No! Illustrations are an essential for a kid’s room. Illustrations on the wall make your kid feel like the room is a whole new world and also fuel their imagination. Simple illustrations depicting the nature are a definite yes. Just make sure that it is simple yet interesting.

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So, once your kid’s imagination and creativity starts to develop, giving them a creative outlet is absolutely necessary. So, what should the canvas for this outlet be? A drawing book? An easel? Or how about an entire portion of a wall! Yes, the best way to not restrict your kid’s artistic flow is by having a chalk board wall. Your kid and draw and erase and draw as many times as they want on this and it makes the room very interesting. Who knows, you might discover the next Da Vinci from those scribbles only!

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A child needs a lot of things to keep them busy: books, toys, colours, cushions, lamps, instruments…the list goes on. But, a lot of things might mean a lot of covered up floor area. To avoid this, try stacking up the bed and play area in one place. This will allow a lot of free space in the room for the kid to move around and grow.

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Every kid loves owning their own little space which is their own comfort zone. It gives them a sense of freedom. What better way to gift them that than by gifting them a small fort of their own in the room? It can be a small tent or a wooden stilt house or anything cute and compact.

If you have a little extra space, then putting up a slide in your kid’s room can make their stay extremely fun. Safe, fun and cute, a slide is bound to look good in a kid’s room.

A very good addition or even alternative to a slide can be a swing. Children love swings and they also look very welcoming.

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Reading is a habit that should be inculcated in a kid from a very young age. A good way to do that is by encouraging them to read by buying them good books and keeping them in their room on a beautiful bookshelf. This will plant an urge in them to pick those up and start reading. Be it a simple, illustrative story books or a kiddy encyclopedia, a book can be a child’s best companion.

So, just keep these pointers in mind and start building the perfect room for your little bundle of joy to grow up in!

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