Who knew that pillows could tell your personality

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Making the bed becomes so much more fun when you get to fluff up those pillows and arrange them in the exact way you want them, right? Under the covers, over the covers, spread out, stacked, even randomly laid out on the bed! While you were in the process of interior designing and deciding the theme and layout of your bedroom, no doubt you would gone through a number of colors and schemes which were a strict no-no for the bed sheets, covers, pillowcases and such, and those that you could have a lot of fun buying. Well, the interior design of your bedroom does not end there. It is your responsibility to continue keeping it fresh via different arrangements, rearrangements and switched up color schemes when it comes to the fabrics and textiles inside it. One such arrangement that can add to the beauty of your bedroom is the pillow arrangements on your bed. So, read on, and find out how simple pillow arrangements can fluff up the freshness of your bedroom- while simultaneously telling you what kind of mood you are setting!

The Minimalist

If you are the simple sleek and stacked kind of person, the minimalist pillow arrangement is the best one for you. The arrangement is a back to basics sort of thing where all you have to do is stack your sleeping pillows in neat piles and put the pillows in shams or even small square or round cushions in front of them on the bed.

The Traditionalist

If you are in a more formal kind of mood, the traditionalist arrangement might appeal to you more. Instead of neat stacks of pillows, clean the pillows in a pattern of two or three or a kind of horizontal pyramid in front of the headboard of your bed. Keep the sleeping pillows in cases at the back, and the sham ones in the front. In this arrangement, you can use different color patterns across the pillows and use cylindrical or boudoir pillows or even finish off with a decorative cushion in the forefront!

The Romantic

If you are in a romantic kind of mood, then obviously this arrangement is just for you. If it is a Queen bed you are making, lean sleeping pillows against the wall, with the square ones in front of them, slightly offset so all the corners can peek out, and finish off with the sham pillows or even cushions in the very front. If it is a King bed, well then use the same arrangement only increase the number of pillows to three or four at the back. One thing to be remembered here? Less is more!

The Maximalist

If you are a more is more kind of person, well then, this maximalist arrangement will never get old with you. Start with big European square pillows at the very back- and the more of them you can comfortably fit on your bed, the better. Lean the smaller sleep pillows in front of them, arrange them in a neat line or keep them offset so as to get maximum exposure for all pillows, it is entirely up to you, and then finish off with sham pillows and fluffy cushions in the front. With a Queen bed, the number of pillows that can fit might decrease, but the bed will look just as comfortable and inviting as ever!

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